💪😉 The 3 Best Health Cures For The New Year

2017 was a prolific, whirlwind year for many of us. Our lives were propelled forward by a relentless drive to materialize more of what we envision. Whether that was advancing our education, mastering our craft, or building the home we aspired, for many of us these pursuits took full hold of our time, mental energy and at times even our entire being. Through these determined efforts, the year bore much prosperity and elevated many of us to new places. However, at what cost? I can remember numerous personal burnouts and witnessed a protracted amount of fatigue and stress-induced collapses of friends and colleagues around me. The lesson: there’s a very, very fine line between achieving the quality of life we desire and actually being able to enjoy the life we create in full health and peace of mind.

All of us have experienced times when we pushed too hard, and instead of feeling the enjoyment we ought to have felt in attaining our goals, had been forced to put everything on hold to simply recover. 2017, despite its success, unfortunately was filled with too many of those. Yet that doesn’t mean that 2018 has to be — when we pre-empt stress and burnouts, it’s only going to make more room for our endeavors and the joy their fruition should bring us. In order to counteract or altogether prevent stress, anxiety and burnouts, I am going to let you in on three of the best kept healing secrets I have personally discovered, tested, and validated.

A therapeutic Weekend Retreat at The Unico 2087 Resort 
Located on the breathtaking Riviera Maya in Mexico, the Unico 2087 offers a sanctuary of minimalist architecture, insulated tranquility, and indulgent luxury. The rooms, ensconced by personal plunge pools and breathtaking vistas over the coast, exalt guests to a higher plane of feeling and impel introspective self-reflection. Renowned in the area for being a center of holistic wellness, the Unico 2087 offers a state-of-the art spa with specialized aroma and hydrotherapy procedures that induce desired moods as well as indigenous Mayan beauty rituals that replenish and enrich. The serene resort exerts a deeply calming influence filled immersed in rich natural beauty. And with the holistic health capital of Tulum just minutes down the road, Unico truly offers an all-encompassing solution to stress at the highest level of beauty.

Detox with a plant-based beverage 
Widely recognized in the medical community for its powerful detox and energy-igniting benefits, My Karuna’s beverages are packed with naturally occurring probiotics which help support digestion and energy metabolism. However, their most striking feature is the immediacy in which you feel the improvement of your state of feeling. Within minutes of drinking a My Karuna, you feel your body starting to catalyze the pace at which your body produces energy. Empowered yet cerebrally calm and clear, the resulting feeling is a clean break from the frenetic energy induced from highly caffeinated beverages such as coffee and energy drinks. The driving mission of the brand is to create a state of harmony where the body can fuel its own desired state and the mind can stay alert, keen, and connected through the process. This union establishes a mindfulness and state of tranquility that optimizes performance and prevents us from exceeding our body’s natural capabilities.

Practice coherent breathing 
Coherent breathing, simply explained, is controlled breathing or as the yogis call it “pranayama.” The process involves taking deep inhales, pushing your stomach outward, and then slowly releasing for a count of 5 seconds. This soothing breathing routine can help slow down the nervous system, increase your concentration, and reduce symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, depression, and stress. Although it is most beneficial through frequent use, even taking 5 minutes at the start of your day to practice controlled breathing can create a marked parasympathetic effect which accentuates clarity, poise, and balance. In the same manner, when you’re feeling over stressed or on-edge, taking a quick one minute break to simply breathe helps you immediately regain control over your mind and synchronizes the flow of your body functions to this more peaceful state.

Written in partnership with Thomas Herd 
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