Monreal London, A New Leader in Luxury Activewear

One of the most prominent trends to catch on as of late in the American Market has been the public's shift to more upscale leisure and athletic lines.

While brands like Alo Yoga and Lorna Jane have exhausted huge marketing budgets to make a lot of noise within mainstream channels, it's actually been more niche brands who have seemed to have received the greatest reception from the fashion world and from the social media influencer community.

On the leading edge of this new cultural movement has been Monreal London. Founded by visionary CEO Stefani Grosse, Monreal has gracefully removed the barrier between luxury ready to wear and sport, enabling Monreal customers to attain high athletic performance in style and while maintaining full comfort.

The brand- which has been stocked for years in high end department stores from Bergdorf Goodmans to Harrods has exploded onto the American social media scene in 2018 with seemingly unanimous support from the social media influencer community and connecting directly to the masses through its new e-commerce platform.

The sporty, yet luxurious appeal of the brand fits nicely with the millennial generation's propensity towards healthy living while maintaining social status and an aspirational lifestyle. Offering a wide range of different tanks, tops, leggings, and bags Monreal covers the complete spectrum of athletics gear and provides millennials the capability to incorporate these elevated pieces into their lives at an accessible entry price.

With real merit behind its rising popularity in both product quality and market fit, Monreal has the potential to become a household staple in American Youth Culture. Check out their new Berlin Collection to find their latest styles and see added insights on the vision behind the designs.
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