A Scientifically Backed Health Movement That Will Make You Feel Your Best

Over the past decade, Los Angeles has emerged as the cutting-edge capital of the health and wellness world.

A majority of today's most pioneering health trends and wellness solutions gain their initial foothold and flourish in this market that thrives on pushing the boundaries of modern lifestyle and health.

Much akin to Silicon Valley’s role in launching the latest groundbreaking technology, Los Angeles has become the prime incubator and testing ground for today’s most innovative health trends. Hot-off-the shelves examples abound, including the Sobriety Movement that originated in Los Angeles and the Immersive Multi Sensory Wellness Centers that are spreading from Los Angeles to other progressive cities such as New York and Miami.

Rather than pump out the same conventional diet fads and cultish (yet pathetically short lived) health rituals that the American Market grew largely accustomed to in the infomercial age, Los Angeles' new wave of health movements is much harder to be ignored. The primary reason for this is that many of these movements are backed by real science and induce tangible life-changing benefits. Once such shining example can be seen with the movement towards plant based foods and beverages that represents the latest turn in the arc of dietary evolution in LA.

The dietary benefits of plant based foods have always been clearly evident. From preventing disease to promoting lean body mass and healthy blood pressure, plant based foods provide the essential nutrients our bodies depend on. These basic benefits, however, represent only the ground floor of what current plant based food brands in Los Angeles are now capable of delivering to enlightened consumers.

In the latest stage of development, plant based wellness brands have started to identify the most powerful superfood recipes, infuse them with absorption-enhancing prebiotics, and identify a balanced regimen of how such recipes need to be combined with each other in order to deliver unparalleled health.

Similar to creating the workout routine needed to build the ideal external body, this dietary formula has set the benchmark for achieving peak internal health. The innovative plant based food brand My Karuna that is now wildly popular in LA, for instance, has introduced a holistic set of prebiotic superfood beverages that can be scheduled on a daily basis together to deliver life-changing health, mood, and performance.

These results are not only dramatic, they are also immediately felt. A "detox" day for instance planned around My Karuna's Tumeric Coffee at breakfast, its Whole Plant Tonic at Lunch, and its Whole Plant Smoothie at dinner provides all your daily nutritional needs, induces a constant energy flow, uplifts your mood and sharpens your mental clarity. Although primarily know for its Detoxifying powers, the brand's synergistic formula of superfoods is best utilized as a consistent daily dietary regimen that can propel you to complete internal health and new heights of feeling and functioning.

The most exciting aspect of trends such as these is not their popularity, their dazzling commercials or sworn user testimonials, it's really the benefits that YOU feel upon trying them. Advancements in medicine and our knowledge of how to combine foods have reached the point where we are able to unlock the true potential of the human body. Further, it's remarkable that pioneering companies in the space such as My Karuna are now able to deliver and package such solutions in a way that makes their life changing benefits available to you on a daily basis. That is why many plant based diet advocates claim that such innovations should not be considered to be part of yet another trend, but rather a concrete step on our evolution towards a more complete and informed well-being.

Regardless of which perspective you take, by simply gaining awareness that you can reap the best of modern science, you become empowered to enjoy a heightened well-being. If you live in LA especially, ask your local grocery store if they stock My Karuna or an alternative plant based beverage product and give feeling your best a real shot.
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