Love is in the air: 3 things you need to know about the wedding of the season.

It´s been a year of dream weddings, from actual royalty to pop culture royalty we have witnessed heartwarming ceremonies that kept us sighing and smiling.

The wedding of the season was undoubtedly Chloe Lloyd and Josh Cuthbert´s and it’s not only because they are both gorgeous beyond words and looked like something out of a fairy tale as they walked down the aisle, but also because to the curious observer and lifestyle enthusiast this majestic ceremony was as ripe with style and fashion insights as we could expect from a top model´s union to a pop music icon.

We´ve got the inside scoop for you and here are the top three things you absolutely need to know:

  1. Josh got emotional, and it was the sweetest moment ever! Union J´s silky voiced hunk had teary eyes as he watched the love of his life approach him in that final walk, moments before becoming his wife. “I´m just that type of guy, I cry at The Notebook (romantic movie) for goodness sake, so I´ve got no chance.” Josh had expressed when asked how he thought things would unfold.
  2. Chloe looked absolutely stunning, as expected. Her custom designed dress was picture perfect and the attention to detail was evident as she flaunted her flawless figure. Her radiant looks, gracefully complimented by stunning jewelry pieces out of APM Monaco´s new Fun Crazy Love collection, stole everyone´s eyes and had Josh´s heart beating out of his chest as she made her way down the aisle.

  3. ✨👰🏼bridal jewellery goals. Look no further than the new @apmmonaco collection. Their jewellery has been a favourite of mine for years and it’s perfect for your wedding day. The ear cuffs are my favourite! #apmmonacopartner

  4. The ceremony was a breathtaking event. A magnificent space in Oxfordshire, decorated to perfection and filled with jovial guests who eagerly awaited the chance to take part in the occasion everyone has been talking about. The “Carry You” hit maker’s fellow band mates were there but Josh didn´t take the stage at the reception as some had thought he might. Instead, he focused on Chloe, as the two looked positively lost in each other´s eyes throughout the whole time.
Whether your big day is just around the corner or you´re still searching for the love of your life, you can always do things for yourself. Looking good and feeling good are key ingredients in the recipe for the perfect love story, so take a page out of Chloe and Josh´s book and let your true beauty shine, glow and sparkle because you deserve it!

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