An Endearing New Way To Spend The Holidays in LA

By Thomas Herd

With Thanksgiving approaching in about two weeks, friends and family have already begun planning trips to the Los Angeles area and are eagerly seeking the best new experiences to enjoy with their loved ones.

With addressing that common need in mind, we wanted to point you in the direction of an adorable new experiential attraction that is rapidly catching on in LA, the Do It Yourself Gardening Experience at Le Petit Garden.

Located on the corner of Melrose and North Laurel, Le Petit Garden supplies West Hollywood patrons a lush green studio in which they can come together, learn how to pot their own plants, and even create their own gifts for the holidays.

One particularly relevant example is the living centerpiece for the thanksgiving table. The guided workshops offered by Le Petit Garden allow individuals and groups to make their own custom centerpieces that can double as a low maintenance houseplants (rife with sentimental value) after the Holiday.

The Thanksgiving centerpieces are just the start for the holiday season. All throughout December, Le Petit Garden will be supplying immersive family style events and unique promotional offers catered to Hanukkah and Christmas.

So if you’re seeking something memorable that will elevate Holiday shopping into a engaging family experience, Le Petit Garden offers the full package and comes in way below budget!

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