Klast’s Crystal-inspired Skin

Where Do Your Crystals Come From?

These days as consumers, most of us question the origin of everything—where does our food come from, where do the clothes we buy come from and even, where do the diamonds we wear come from?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Klast Beauty’s co-founder and CEO Jenn Kain will launch crystal-based beauty company this June with their inaugural product, The Crystal Clay™ Mask. Questioning everything that goes into their products, Klast only uses the finest ethical single-source quartz in the country.

Though crystals have been a trending topic in healing and spirituality, and often used as props in fashion and beauty, the question Jenn begs everyone to ask is—where do your crystals come from? Klast isn’t as much about the hype of crystal-healing energy as it is about the science as well as its natural origin.

Those chic, prismatic crystals we know as quartz grow for millions of years in pockets deep in the earth surrounded by red ultisol clay. The word "Ultisol" is derived from “ultimate,” which is exactly the way we would describe Klast’s Crystal Clay™ Mask.

Jenn developed a close relationship with the crystal mine and saw something special. The moisture-rich Crystal Clay Mask reigns in the power of Klast’s Crystal Clay™ blend removing dirt and oil, nourishing skin and improving complexion. Ironically, the mask has the same acidic pH level as human skin, which also helps protect and rejuvenate.

Klast’s second product, the Crystal Pearl Mist boasts its own benefits as it contains real quartz crystal points in the bottle, which in turn activates the water-based formula’s molecular structure. The mist leaves skin with a natural, luminescent glow from the combination of pearl and quartz.

The beauty line’s name itself is a callback to the science of its product. Quartz by definition is clastic rock, meaning they are made up of other pre-existing minerals and rocks.

For now, the Los Angeles-based company will launch with a Crystal Clay™ Mask and their Crystal Pearl Mist, but consumers can feel confident and safe wearing the clay mask while catching up on their Netflix list or spritzing their face with the mist after an international flight.

Stay tuned for updates on Klast as they will soon be launching at KlastBeauty.com

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