Meet The Millennial Entrepreneur Transforming Philanthropy

Tommaso Chiabra has always had a global vision both for business and also for philanthropy.

After concluding his studies, and driven by his entrepreneurial nature Tommaso embarked on a journey to transform the luxury space by founding Royal Yacht Brokers with his business partner. Ten years later, Royal Yacht is a global leader in the yacht brokerage industry. After this highly successful foray into the international luxury yacht business, Tommaso continues to grow his portfolio by targeting companies promoting social responsibility and green economies for acquisition.

With a well balanced combination of business expertise, meaningful social connections and ingrained empathy and compassion for the less fortunate, Tommaso has ventured into one of the most important and rewarding aspects of his journey: philanthropy.

Although his holding company’s portfolio is diversified, Tommaso has chosen a singular focus for his charitable work with UNICEF. “Before UNICEF I supported many different charities and causes. But UNICEF fights for every child’s concern, and I believe that our world lies in the hands of our children.”

Tommaso first connected with UNICEF in 2016. And while their mission resonated with him, it was his field visit to Sierra Leone in 2018 that cemented his resolve to make a difference in the lives of children around the world.

“No words could ever properly describe the smiling liveliness of the children's eyes I stared into, the sweet resilience showed by the numerous mothers we met, the steady determination of the UNICEF staff and the sincere gratitude with which their efforts are met by the entire community.”

Tommaso quickly decided to leverage his vast knowledge of the business world, his unique global connections and a natural drive to help those in need on behalf of UNICEF, making a meaningful difference in children´s lives.

By creating the concept for the Luisaviaroma Sardinia Gala and serving as the charter fundraiser chairman, Tommaso was able to rally countless stars and power players around this noble cause— “I discussed the concept of an over-the-top gala with a few friends in the fashion world to see if they would be interested in joining forces.” The resounding success of the inaugural Sardinia Gala, in which Tommaso and his partners raised over $4 million (along with many new corporate deals for UNICEF) in 2018 became a precedent for future editions.

Never one to stand still, Tommaso’s newest endeavor is UNICEF Next Gen in Italy. Tommaso established this organization for the up-and-coming young entrepreneurs who want to put themselves and their skills at use for good cause—creating a ripple effect of positive action.

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