Bright Ideas and Radiant Realities

26 year old creative marketing director, Dimetri Hogan aka The Radiant Child has burst onto our radar and has locked in a seat at the table of New York's ever emerging hospitality scene.

In the last year he has found new and exciting ways to introduce experiences that not only leave customers raving but encourage them to share to a community abroad. In this competitive environment, most restaurants are short lived.

Hogan believes that "experience first marketing wins the race no matter who your audience is, people want to feel involved in the process versus being sold something."

Greek restaurant Lola Taverna is the next project that Hogan wishes to set a spark to and watch flourish on the streets of SoHo, New York. To serve as a journal of experiences, Hogan will also be publishing a series of coffee table books featuring his photography and writing.

Radiant Room volume 1 is slated to release in the Fall and we have no doubts that it will be an eye grabber.

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