Edgy Minimalism Is The New Standard In Fashion

For trendsetting fashion brand Marcellamoda the power of bold, adventurous women and the motivation provided on a daily basis by the city that never sleeps help fuel an undying inspiration to create minimalist designs with an edge.

Marcellamoda is based in New York City, but their creations are handmade in Europe under the most rigorous quality standards, this fresh and honest approach to women´s fashion has propelled the brand to a new space.

Their Instagram profile looks like a work of art and reflects the true DNA of this fashion house that has captured the heart of discerning consumers across the country and overseas. Each design is painstakingly conceptualized and then brought to life using only the finest materials.

Marcellamoda is a brand that has achieved a feeling of uncompromising authenticity, empowering women to look, feel and be bold.

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