Discover This Refreshing Summer Jewelry Trend

Refreshing Summer Jewelry Trend

For reunited childhood friends Chau and An, creativity has always come naturally. Their innate talent for creating aesthetically flawless accessories drove them to establish CA SOULS, a trendy jewelry brand out of Los Angeles, California.

The tenacious entrepreneurial spirit of the young founders, as well as a keen understanding of consumer preferences have been the main growth factors behind a brand that has been gaining recognition in the market, with more and more customers who look for a creative and memorable way to express their feelings flocking to acquire CA SOULS´ signature morse code bracelets, with embedded coded messages meant to be deciphered by the recipient of the piece.

Other marquee product collections include exclusive empowerment bracelets and morse code necklaces.

Refreshing Summer Jewelry Trend

Giving a meaningful gift might not always be easy, but with exciting and creative alternatives like CA SOULS making their way into the national spotlight, a new and refreshing jewelry trend is on the horizon for this summer.

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