Find Out Why Beach Glam Has Never Been More Relevant.

We´ve all been there before, the moment of doubt right before a big trip or even just an impromptu weekend getaway. Style is at the top of our list and we know everyone will be looking for the perfect outfit, and the most stunning bikini.

Beach glam is not just a trend anymore, it´s safe to say in recent years, it has become a lifestyle. From the sunny coasts of Perth to the iconic sandy sanctuaries of Miami Beach, looking good while having fun has never been more important.

Fortunately making a fashionable statement is as important to you as it is to Jess Williamson, the visionary creator of top rated contemporary luxury brand Ete Swimwear.

Being an avid traveler, speaker, mentor and accomplished entrepreneur, Jess believes that creating superior quality products manufactured with the highest quality materials while maintaining an uncompromising sense of individuality is the key that unlocks the door to memorable beach glam moments.

Ete Swimwear is proudly developed in Australia and champions rich, luxurious and unique designs with hand painted watercolor prints by local artists. The highly coveted and exclusive brand is all about celebrating and inspiring women to be confident, happy and live their best lives.

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