Summer Fashion Report: dELia*s is Back…With an Edge

Many fashion addicts know that brands seldom make a big comeback, but as we have discovered dELia*s is different. The edgy teen fashion brand that you´ve seen all over your Instagram feed is back and bigger than ever.

With rebellion flowing through its veins, the newly released nostalgic and jazzy collection available at Dolls Kill, gives you the feeling of being immersed in the hustle and bustle of a film or music video set. Bright, colorful and irreverent outfits favored by teenage shoppers from coast to coast are quickly becoming an undeniable new trend.

As social media turns everyone with phone into a bonafide content creator, saucy brands like dELia*s become more and more popular amongst aspiring models and influencers who always want to stand out, calling as much attention to themselves as possible with every single post, which means their choice of outfits and accessories is in fact a tactical one.

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