Bianca Van Damme Makes Being A Badass Look Beautiful.

When she´s not training at a voracious pace or gracing the covers of international magazines, Bianca Van Damme is busy actively protecting animals and creating projects that will serve to empower the less fortunate.

The twenty-something top model, actress, director and fitness erudite is as tough as she is gorgeous. Her boxing routine would put most pro fighters to shame and as she documents her intriguing life on Instagram, her fans and followers around the world are eager to discover what her next moves might be:
“I´m in the process of developing a fashion line that consists of bikinis, pajamas and fitness wear. That ties up into opening a gym in NY and LA while acting, modeling, writing and directing. The end game is to open a foundation to help people who struggle with depression and bipolar disorder, and do for animals” – Bianca says.

While most young women her age would be content with the level of professional success she has already achieved, Bianca´s superhuman drive and profound work ethic, blended with her big dreams and visionary nature make her a relentless force of nature to be reckoned with.

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