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Discover The New Celebrity Favored Lifestyle Trend.

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For supermodels and celebrities around the world, it´s not all glamour and red carpets. The wear and tear of life under the spotlight often causes fashion icons and socialites to remember they are also human.

Many of them struggle to keep anxiety at bay, and often deal with minor pains and aches or even with depression. For this reason, some of America´s most revered style gurus have turned to the CBD movement that is sweeping across the country in hopes of finding an effective solution to their ailments.

Major celebrities like top model and UFC® girl Arianny Celeste, men´s fashion idol Tommy Tran and Instagram socialite Ashley Liz Cooper have turned to a product at the leading edge of science and lifestyle: Yooforic hemp oil infused chewing gum.

With an undeniably fresh & delicious taste, each piece of Yooforic is also jam packed with 50mg of full spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring phytocannabinoids including CBD.

Boasting increased bioavailability and absorption rates along with the highest quality ingredients, this celeb favorite is also 100% organic, sugar free, vegetarian, non-GMO and has absolutely no THC.

International star Arianny Celeste enjoys Yooforic while on vacation in Europe.

As a major wave of endorsements by people from all walks of life hit the internet, we couldn´t help but notice the birth of a new trend: the days of inferior quality products are behind and today, consumers are continuously selecting superior delivery methods like this functional chewing gum.

As part of their active lifestyle countless celebrities, athletes and everyday folks have turned to Yooforic thanks to its unparalleled effectiveness and highly gratifying taste, making this product one of the fastest rising stars of the season.