How Instagram It Girl Ashley Liz Cooper Is Going Global.

For aspiring young models everywhere, the dream is very similar: being able to travel the world and enjoy exotic destinations becoming part of the elite jet set and racking up tens of thousands of likes on every single photo they post.

However, the vast majority of them will never achieve because it as it turns out, making it is way harder than it seems. A select group of Instagram it girls and mega influencers have found a way to live this dream and make a profitable career out of it.

Case in point, Ashley Liz Cooper, who has amassed a devoted cult-like following since going live on the social network for the first time.

Today, miss Cooper has broken through the ultimate barrier becoming a bonafide modeling star by her own right and traveling the world visiting major cities like Dubai and Mexico City to work for high ranking publications while living her life to the fullest.

Whether in Los Angeles enjoying a night out on the town, or catching a private flight to a secluded tropical island, one thing is for sure: Ashley Liz Cooper is a global fashion icon in the making.
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