Rishi Sethia And The Art of Multi-billion Dollar Connections

Securing access and influence is in many ways an art form that requires a particular brand of savoir-faire, one that has been mastered by international power broker Rishi Sethia.

Whether we´re talking about private equity funds, philanthropic boards, ultra premium social clubs for the world´s most influential individuals or venture capital introductions, achieving massive success is almost always a matter of who you know.

47 year old Rishi Sethia has built an unparalleled network between London and Dubai, leveraging his all encompassing social architecture power on behalf of select projects and consolidating himself as the de facto power broker for today´s global elite.

Mr. Sethia has a proven track record, being the architect of some of today´s most relevant social and financial collectives, like the uber exclusive London based social club Annabel´s which thanks to Rishi´s flawless methodology can now boast a refined membership including just over 2% of the world´s billionaires.

By leveraging this enormous social fluidity and unrivaled expertise, Mr. Sethia´s recognition has permeated into high impact fields like private equity and hedge funds, mining, and other industries where investors and allocators seek out the man who has developed a reputation for architecting modern power collectives and leveraging a network of more than 100 billion.

Developing this ability on his own through decades of fiscal project management for billionaires—Rishi (himself an independent multi millionaire) has opened up a new gateway for a new generation of business leaders who want to make it on their own and set their accomplishments apart from past generations.

Through his deal structuring and investment acquisition support, Rishi offers a turnkey solution to building power collectives that never existed before.

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