Alshair Fiyaz's Ventures Guided By A Spirit Of Humanity

Alshair Fiyaz's philanthropic work as well as his business ventures are connected by an overarching care for the progressive development of living conditions, social mobility, and shared prosperity.

In his business ventures, Alshair has become a major funder of flagship green-living communities across Europe, such as Bellakvarter (in Copenhagen, Denmark), which have been widely recognized for setting the international standard for sustainable city planning.

And in humanitarian work, Alshair's Alfi Foundation provides financial assistance to over 100 single-parent families at the Burj Barajneh refugee camp that would otherwise be left without the bare necessities of life. Recently, also, Alfi organized the emergency distribution of 16,000 corrugated sheets to provide temporary winter shelter for 1,600 families suffering from the destruction of their homes by earthquakes, in the Azad area of Kashmir, Pakistan. Alshair's massive and timely aid allowed for substantial improvement to living conditions for the members of both beleaguered communities.

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