Alshair Fiyaz’s Simply Chocolates Becomes A Cultural Staple

Set to sweep youth culture in the US is the millennial gourmet chocolate leader from Denmark, Simply Chocolate.

Simply Chocolate - like many breakthrough millennial brands- steps in and provides a exciting new solution that fits the needs of modern consumers.

Owned by prominent progressive investor Alshair Fiyaz, Simply Chocolate makes gourmet, high end chocolate accessible to the end consumer on a market level for the first time.

Their all natural chocolate bars--such as the Crispy Carrie and the Salty Fred--are priced at only $3 per bar (roughly the same price as Hershey’s) thus providing a much healthier and more elevated value proposition.

Thus while our audience might prefer the ring of the sound of names Godiva or Vosges, Simply Chocolate packs the same exceptional quality at a lower price.

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