Splitbud Makes A Mark With An Innovative Business Model

With the legal cannabis industry experiencing unprecedented growth, prices for premium quality products have soared.

Users who consume cannabis on a daily basis for medical and/or recreational purposes have found it harder to access superior products at competitive prices, with dispensaries and retailers often charging heavy premiums for the best goods.

Enter Splitbud, an innovative platform that allows its users the possibility to access grade-A products at heavily discounted prices thanks to the power of bulk purchases.

Back in the day, groups of friends would join together and pitch in to purchase their weed in bulk, everyone would pitch in and save some money while getting more product than when buying individually, Splitbud runs on the same premise, but taken to the next level.

With discounts of up to 65% on top tier flower, vapes, edibles and other cannabis products as well as discreet and convenient delivery and pick up options, this company is democratizing the access to one of the most sought after commodities on the market today and doing it with some of the highest safety, convenience and customer service standards in the industry today.

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