Meet Jessica Cathy: Hollywood´s New Rising Star

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jessica is no stranger to the glitz and glamour of tinsel town – and she´s certainly made a name for herself in a city where fate can make or break a dream.

The former national cheerleading champion always knew she was meant to be in front of the camera. An unmistakable passion for acting and modeling has been a part of her life ever since she was a little girl, and felt inspired to follow her mother´s footsteps.

Recently, Jessica signed up with the prestigious DT Model Management Agency and has booked various high profile projects and campaigns, while also learning French and keeping her ever-growing Instagram following engaged.

We interviewed Jessica and here´s what she told us:

What would you say sets you apart as an actress and model?

I would say what sets me apart is my drive and determination. When I want something I’ve got to get it and will try my hardest to achieve my goals!

Who are your role models? People that inspired you to follow your dreams.

My biggest role model is my mom. My mother was a model/ actress and still is in the business today. My parents have always supported me and encouraged me to do what makes me happy and follow my dreams all the way.

Is there any particular project or campaign you’ve worked on that stands out?

All projects are special to me that I’m super grateful but there is one campaign that hasn’t come out yet but I got to rock purple hair for that which was awesome!

What is your opinion about social media and its influence on pop culture?

I think social media is a very powerful tool which has had a big impact on pop culture. There are some positives and negatives to social media but in the end it’s a great way to showcase your talents!

If you could work with anyone in the industry, who would you like to work with?

It would be a dream to work with Ellen von Unwerth, I absolutely love her work!

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