Nicolas Brochet Reveals Exciting New Abu Dhabi Festival

Times of widespread disruption are also times of great opportunity. Take the wake of the 2008 Recession, for example; some inconceivably successful companies propelled; Venmo, Airbnb, Instagram, and Uber. Currently, our reality is confronting drastic changes, and global businessman and opportunist Nicolas Brochet is actively pursuing profitable ventures.

Typically, the fast-living visionary would be overseeing and perfecting his hospitality, tourism, and culture businesses. Unfortunately, he has had to adhere to quarantine guidelines and respect that the safety of his employees and customers comes first. Brochet, who built his businesses on exquisite experiences, has had issues implementing a new concept. However, he prevailed by obliging to limited occupancy, regular testing, and wellness checks for employees, as well as the utmost intensity for hygiene.

It is apparent that the revival of normality will take time. Standard routined work weeks and travel may not bounce back until 2021. As lockdown and restrictions continue to be prolonged, Brochet decided to concentrate on new undertakings. He felt the urge to orchestrate a large-scale celebration of life, combing his three great passions- art, fashion, and music- into an unprecedented show.

"When the hard times hit like never before, and the whole world seemed to slow down, but I chose to stay positive and make these less troublesome times and use it to reflect and think positively primarily about the future," Brochet said. "It drove me to the idea of holding a beautiful and outstanding event, the International Fashion Music Art Festival Magic Island Abu Dhabi."

The prestige, once-in-a-lifetime event, organized and founded by Brochet, will bring creatives and individuals in high places together. The festival will be the perfect red carpet moment. The program includes; cocktail parties, fashion shows, gala dinners, concerts, and even a charity auction with unique collectibles and memorabilia.

"We will decide in September which organization to support, but I am leaning towards human rights," Brochet said.

The festival is scheduled for March 2021 on the most breathtaking island of Abu Dhabi. Brochet intends to exuberate national exposure and make this a long-lasting, annual event.

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