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How Business Mogul Alfonso “Chato” Toraya Became The New Lifestyle Icon to Follow

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Mr. Alfonso “Chato” Toraya – CEO of G.O.A.T. Group – courtesy.

Within the hyper-competitive entertainment, nightlife, fine dining and curated lifestyle industries, only a handful of key players at a global scale (from Mexico to Miami to Dubai and New York City) have consistently proven their ability to make an indelible mark in this notoriously challenging business ecosystem, by introducing and scaling a selection of highly innovative and forward thinking ultra-premium concepts.

For Toraya, a thirty-something strategic thinker and passionate business mastermind, increased competition merely represents an opportunity to continue innovating and doubling down on his ultra-exclusive venues and brands.

Conveniently located in Mexico´s globally recognized Yucatan peninsula, Alfonso´s G.O.A.T. Group has ambitiously – and successfully – challenged some of the highest rated restaurants and lounges, not only in Mexico or Latin America, but throughout the world.

The growth curve has been so noticeable that “Chato” – as his close friends call him – has already received multiple offers from some of the most established nightlife and dining corporations in America – specifically Florida - with the clear objective of expanding the reach, impact and profitability of Mr. Toraya´s proven brands.

Most strategic allies and venture capital investors routinely search for businesses with sturdy and reliable profit generation track records, but the cherry on top of the cake is certainly a dominating market positioning and superior branding and concept design; When talking about G.O.A.T. Group and its concept venues, one can easily appreciate the privileged market position that its CEO – Alfonso “Chato” Toraya – has consolidated.

G.O.A.T. Speakeasy (Merida, Mexico) courtesy.

Perhaps just as impressive as the myriad of accolades that Mr. Toraya has amassed is the uncanny ability with which he´s able to connect with socialites, A-listers and celebrities.

“Chato” has mastered the art of an elevated lifestyle. He might grab a casual dinner with a chart-topping music star on Tuesday, only to close a multi- million-dollar international deal on Wednesday. This particular style of all- encompassing success is usually reserved for a select few, however, Alfonso´s belief is that anyone with enough tenacity and brain power can accomplish any goal, no matter how complicated it might seem.
“For me the top priority has been to provide a superior experience to each and everyone of our clients; But at the same time, we believe in looking after our associates and employees.” –Toraya affirms.
People like “Chato” Toraya clearly and unquestionably represent a new generation of savvy entrepreneurs with big goals, and the ability to manifest them as they see fit.

With an attractive landscape in front of him, including major offers by American corporations and potential Mexican licensors, it is safe to say that we will hear much more about Toraya and his unique and all-encompassing experience centric brands and venues.