We Tell You Why Upscale Italian Brand Gemini Embodies Freedom In The Most Authentic Way

The world of fashion is a reflection of our own individuality; How we choose to present ourselves to others is the starting point for any successful social interaction and within this vast plethora of options, only a handful of brands stand out for their unique approach and painstaking craftsmanship.

Italian brand Gemini is the perfect example of a brand that was founded by Andrey Shvidkiy, a visionary designer, who feels as passionate about every detail of his creations as he does about his own personal lifestyle and finding sources of inspiration such as the zodiac and the star sign´s natural proclivity for big dreams and an unmistakable sense of duality, seamlessly combining these powerful elements to bring to life a new gold standard in men´s resort wear and swimwear.

By devoting a deep focus towards the creation and development of sophisticated, superior quality garments that suit the most discerning of customers, Andrey and his brand have successfully created a nouvelle trend within the luxury menswear space, and one that unequivocally defines the art of freedom through design and manufacturing excellence, while remaining independent, providing each and every customer with the highly sought after pride of ownership that derives from owning something special, difficult to manufacture and not easy to acquire.

Andrey Shvidkiy, the creative master mind behind Gemini recently granted Elite Luxury News an interview in which he shared with our readers the story behind this exclusive and highly enticing brand. Here´s what he told us:

How did you first come up with the concept for Gemini and what was your inspiration?

The concept for Gemini has been in the back of my mind for many years. I was always traveling, both for work and for pleasure. At times, it felt like I was really living out of a suitcase. And everytime I would need to pack, I would always be looking for those perfect items that would "make the cut" and earn their place in my suitcase. And I always wanted the same things. Those staple pieces to go from the plane to the pool, from the beach straight to lunch or to wear out at night. I needed great quality and fit and pieces that were versatile and that made me feel amazing. And so the inspiration for the brand is really just that - the perfect items for myself and my friends to take with us everywhere we go.

As it relates to swimwear specifically, I was on the hunt for amazing swimwear that was comfortable! So many men's swimwear brands in the market today are not (especially when wet), and so I was inspired to create swimwear that was not only quick dry and comfortable, but that was also made from beautiful fabrics, and not at the expense of fit and silhouette. I wanted to feel sexy.

The brand is all about freedom and living life on your own terms, does this reflect your personal creative philosophy as well?

Creatively, it is important for me to not limit myself and to pursue not only the best, but what feels right. So in essence, yes. I think the definition of freedom is to have the option to choose and never have to settle. Product is king, and creating a product that can stand on its own is very important for me.

Please share with our readers the details of the superior quality materials and flawless craftsmanship associated with Gemini products, how are your garments made?

We produce everything in Italy, and Italy is the mecca - the best of the best. In order to create a beautiful product, it is so important to use high quality components and so we source our fabrics that not only have a beautiful handfeel, but also that are durable and sustainable. All of our fabrics are also tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. We also use some of the newest printing mills to achieve high resolution and color saturation. And of course hardware is so key. We are very proud of the vendors that we have partnered with to create our product. It is so important to work with suppliers who also value quality and who are devoted to their craft.

Can you tell us which are some of your favorite models within the collection and why?

That's a tough one. Obviously everything that made its way into the collection, are the things I love the most. But if I have to choose, I would say the kimono’s, the cotton poplin shorts, the jacquard swimwear and the short swim shorts .

What kind of person buys Gemini? What is their lifestyle like?

The customer who covets Gemini is confident, modern, sophisticated. They are into fashion. They want the best out of life, are go-getters, ambitious and they know what they want. But also, they are understated, not arrogant, stylish and chic. They are absolutely open minded to everything that life can offer, they travel, they’re easy going, smiling, positive.

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