Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery Explains What to Expect at a Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. Carlos Chacon is a skilled plastic surgeon. He believes that the consultation is just as important as the procedure itself. He states that it's common to wonder what to expect at the consultation.

The Goals of the Consultation

First, it's important to understand the goals of a consultation. Specifically, the consultation should answer a few questions. The first is if the patient is a good candidate for plastic surgery. If the answer is yes, the next question is what procedure or procedures are suitable for the patient.

The patient will learn about the procedure and the type of results they can expect. The plastic surgeon will learn about the patient and their desires and goals.

The Consultation Process

The consultation process begins familiarly. It's similar to a standard doctor's visit. It will begin when the patient checks in at the front desk. They will complete the forms if they still need to complete the paperwork the practice requires. Then, they will be called back to a room.

Next, the patient will meet with a medical professional, usually a medical assistant or a nurse who serves as a care coordinator. They will ask about the patient's goals and interests.

Meeting the Plastic Surgeon

Meeting with the plastic surgeon can be considered the main portion of the consultation. You'll talk to them about your goals, learn about procedure options, and the results you can expect.

Your Goals

Plastic surgery aims to change something about yourself that you are not happy with or would like to upgrade. Dr. Carlos Chacon explains that a surgeon will ask you what you would like to change about your body. They will also ask how you feel about your body and how you want to feel about it after the procedure is complete.

Expect them to ask about specific changes you would like to make and what you want to look like after the procedure.

Determining if Plastic Surgery is a Good Option

The surgeon will determine if plastic surgery is a good option for a patient. They will consider their health, goals, desires, and the procedures they are interested in.

If they believe the patient can benefit from plastic surgery.

Physical Examination

The surgeon will perform a physical exam on the areas you are concerned with. This will help them determine which procedure is right for you.

Procedure Discussion

A surgeon will discuss procedures to help you meet your goals. A good surgeon will be very forthright about the results of a procedure. They will explain what the procedure can and can't do. This provides reasonable expectations for you.

If you decide to continue, the surgeon will explain the specifics of the procedure or procedures you are considering.

You'll discuss all aspects of the process, including anesthesia, the incisions that will be made, and the recovery time. Risks and complications should also be addressed.

Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery

Dr. Carlos Chacon wanted to work with his hands from a young age. He comes from a long line of craftsmen, including musicians and artists.

He was drawn to plastic surgery because it is extremely intricate and detailed. He loves seeing his patients become happy with their appearance. This is his ultimate motivation.

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