Gigi Hadid Showcases Low-Rise Boyfriend Jeans, Echoing Past Fashion Eras with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

Madé Lapuerta, the innovative mind behind "Data But Make It Fashion," dedicated her weekend to dissecting the resurgence of a once-beloved trend: "low-rise jeans." Diving deep into the realm of Twitter, she meticulously gathered tweets and crunched some numbers in an endeavor to capture the public's renewed fervor for this iconic style. Mirroring the same cyclic pattern that brought back chokers and platform shoes from the '90s, the affection for low-slung denim witnessed a notable 36% uptick in just a recent week.

But in the unpredictable world of fashion, where butterfly clips and crop tops make grand comebacks, could Lapuerta have had a discreet hand in influencing the supermodel Gigi Hadid's sartorial choices? The timelines certainly raise eyebrows: a mere day before Lapuerta's big reveal, Hadid showcased her embrace of the low-rise trend during a dinner outing at Giorgio Baldi, an elite hub in LA, flanked by fashionistas Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. This playful observation might be delivered tongue-in-cheek, but the timing is indeed serendipitous.

Yet, Hadid’s take on the trend offers a fresh spin. Gone are the pronounced flares that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan proudly sported in the early 2000s. Instead, her jeans, with their broad silhouette and a seemingly DIY-adjusted waist, evoke memories of grunge aesthetics, a nod to the '90s. These she paired not with the razor-thin stiletto heels reminiscent of early millennial glam, but with chic Miu Miu loafers, fusing old-school charm with contemporary flair.

Fashion, in its cyclical nature, constantly revisits past decades. From the boho-chic vibes of the '70s to the neon explosion of the '80s, and now the polarizing low-rise jeans from the 2000s, each trend makes a comeback with its unique twist. But like the vinyl records, scrunchies, or even the bucket hats of yesteryears, these trends, no matter how divisive, secure their legacy in the timeless vault of pop culture, ready to inspire and be reinvented in the years to come.

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