Hollywood Beauty Guru, Robyn Newmark Launches Skin Rituals

Photography by: Filbert Kung

As one of Hollywood's most trusted voices in beauty and wellness, Robyn Newmark is ready to show the world the wonders of Ayurvedic skin care on a broader scale. Her philosophy has always been about recognizing beauty in its uniqueness by celebrating everything that is you. After seven years of research and development, Newmark sought to give people just that by addressing the most dire skincare concerns that her clients seek help with.

While there is plenty of fanfare around celebrities and influencers launching their lines every other month or so, it can be overwhelming to pick out which products are suitable for your skin. Enter Skin Rituals by Robyn Newmark, a medical grade and naturally sustainable brand by the Hollywood Beauty Guru that focuses on cell regeneration by building the skin's immunity, collagen production and preserving a glowing, youthful appearance as we age.

After a life-changing trip to India, Robyn's idea for Skin Rituals came to fruition seeing the power of Ayurvedic treatments and medicine that the Indians have harnessed for thousands of years. By incorporating elements of tradition using botanicals and herbs such as turmeric, cumin, black pepper and ginger, she has streamlined a range of products that are molded with her prowess as a skin care industry specialist.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with The Hollywood Beauty Guru. She talks about the most recommended products from Skin Rituals, and the best ingredients you need to have the most fail-safe skincare routine for all ages.

Your skincare line incorporates ancient Ayurvedic ingredients from India. How can Skin Rituals address the most dire skincare concerns your clients usually seek help with?

The focus of my brand is on regeneration, building collagen production, boosting the skin's immunity on a cellular level and preserving a youthful appearance despite aging. Skin Rituals is directed towards people between the ages of 30-55 who want to start working on preventive maintenance of their appearance. My products are created by combining two steps, for instance, instead of getting a separate moisturizer and serum. Part of the reason I chose to do that is because of what I noticed in my spa with my clients and even for myself that people really want to minimize the number of steps they're taking for their routines.

They want to do something other than nine steps. I know women that would say, 'I'm not doing all these products, or I still have that serum sitting on the counter because I just don't know when to use it in my regimen.' This can get very complicated, and to answer that dilemma, I created simplified products that are potent and combine steps for people so that the regimen is straightforward, unisex and powerful.

What made you want to combine ingredients such as ashwagandha, turmeric, and palo santo in Skin Rituals?

I wanted to source clean and sustainable ingredients. When we were trying out a variety of powerful antioxidants for immunity and aging, we made it a point to find products that also contain anti-inflammatories.

We were able to find many of these components in sustainable farms in India. At that time, we decided to incorporate them with the wisdom behind how they utilized these ingredients. As a result, our line is free of all the 2700 ingredients on the dirty skincare list.

A Newmark Beauty Hit From Skin Rituals: The Balancing Antioxidant Oil ( $80)
A ultra-luxurious blend that combines nature’s most potent botanicals and powerful peptides to promote rapid skin turnover and cell regeneration to restore firmness and refine skin texture, reduce visible signs of aging, transform dry or damaged-looking skin, and unclog pores to prevent future breakouts.

That's pretty great, because there are a lot of skincare brands that use parabens and contain comedogenic ingredients and most of them don’t actively declare that they have those in the packaging.

Exactly, the whole bottom line is that you should know what your products are made of, specifically when it has synthetics or other harmful parabens. In creating Skincare Rituals we incorporated medical grade science in our products.

But truthfully, and everyone should know this; not every skincare line that is organic, or from natural ingredients is all that great. You can source ingredients from somewhere, and it can be contaminated and have pesticides or more.

There is a real misconception in the beauty industry, that everything natural is good but we don’t know what exactly it is that we are putting on our skin, specifically if it’s not purified from harmful chemicals. Even though the origin components of Skincare Rituals come from natural and sustainable sources, we also bring it into the lab,filter everything and bring it up to medical grade while adding lab-created skin friendly molecules like bio-peptides.

How do you balance being natural and incorporating new technologies into your treatments?

That’s where we're at right now, I think it's been either one or the other before. But now with where we are, there is enough science to understand some of the breakthroughs which helps in creating youthful cells and making potent molecules. But then, we can't deny that some of these natural ingredients have been tried and tested and true for thousands of years.

Skincare initially started out as a niche experience right? It’s natural, beautiful and smells good. Then this fine industry overlapped with the medical community. Which now includes a lot of needles, poking and acids. Since this happened, it just doesn’t feel like a spa anymore.

I thought, if I can combine that for people to where they're getting the power of medical grade technologies while ensuring that they still have a spa-like experience that makes it feel luxurious. That’s the perfect combination of both worlds and the endpoint is, I want to see how people respond to that.

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