Discover Why Romero & McPaul is Our Luxury Pick for the Season

In the heart of men's fashion, where classic elegance meets a contemporary touch, Romero & McPaul is situated. Founded by Raul Gonzalez, this brand has revolutionized the fashion landscape in Mexico with its focus on dressing well and impeccable image. Inspired by the English royalty, navigation, and Ivy League fashion, Romero & McPaul has carved its own path in the world of luxury and style.

From its origins as a footwear brand, Romero & McPaul has evolved, expanding its repertoire to clothing collections that maintain the original philosophy: highlighting the confidence and style of the modern man. The design of its collections, focused on the classic and timeless, is characterized by the use of sober and elegant colors, promoting a distinctive monochromatic image. With garments that go from head to toe in the same color, the brand uses high-quality materials such as Pima cotton imported from Peru, as well as European cottons and leathers, all proudly manufactured in Mexico.

The "Dakota Penny Loafer," a distinctive seasonal product of the brand, is handmade through a process during which the leather is braided and tied, quickly becoming a symbol of sophistication and exclusivity. Introduced in Mexico by Romero & McPaul in 2012, the footwear has marked a before and after in Mexican men's fashion, becoming an essential element in the most prominent events and the daily style of the stylish man.

The Romero & McPaul man is a citizen of the world, cultured and well-traveled, who values classic elegance, and whose confidence is reflected beyond colors and logos. After its transformation in 2020, the brand has adopted a more inclusive and accessible identity, without losing the poise and elegance that define its customers.

Among its standout pieces is the Dakota shoe, a handcrafted Penny Loafer with braided and treated leather, perfect for both a formal suit and a casual outfit. This model reflects the versatility and refined taste that characterizes the brand.

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