Renting a Tuxedo - Smart and Stylish Choice For Any Occasion

A tuxedo rental generally includes a suit or tuxedo, cuff links, ties, and pocket squares. Some also include watches.

Renting a tux is especially popular during prom season and spring weddings. But, before making a choice, it's critical to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of renting. Typically, you must order your rental at least 2-4 months before the event. This will ensure that it's ready for your special day.


Buying or renting is a personal choice, depending on your lifestyle, budget, and sartorial needs. It makes sense to rent for those who will wear a tuxedo only a few times a year.

Most online rental stores, like tuxedo rental in Miami, offer dress shirts, shoes, and accessories for a complete outfit. They also have a tool allowing you to try your look at home before finalizing the order. Some even allow you to order for a wedding party at once, which simplifies the process.

Another pro of renting is avoiding overspending by trying different styles without purchasing. Purchasing a tuxedo is expensive, especially when you add in the cost of alterations. Renting also gives you room to grow or shrink if needed. This is particularly useful for young people who are groomsmen at a friend's wedding or going to prom. They will likely outgrow their tuxedo before they can afford one. Choosing between a tuxedo vs suit hinges on the event's formality, with the sleek sophistication of a tuxedo reserved for black-tie occasions. In contrast, the versatility of a suit shines in more casual settings.


One of the most important aspects of any tuxedo is the fit. Having a tuxedo that doesn't fit properly can not only be uncomfortable, but it will also look bad. When renting from traditional businesses, it can be challenging to achieve an exact fit because they customize their templates for each customer's physique using safety pins, Velcro, and hooks.

Thankfully, modern companies have worked to create a superior online rental process that is easy to use and provides a more personalized and accurate fit. They can allow men to select their look, be measured remotely, and receive their tuxedos long before their events.

Most tux rentals will include all the accessories the groom needs for a complete look. This consists of a vest or cummerbund, shirt, bow tie, long tie, and cuff links. It may be possible to add pocket squares at an additional cost. This is something to check out with your specific store.


A new suit or tuxedo can add up, especially when you factor in the cost of alterations. Renting one instead can be more affordable for men who might only wear a tuxedo on special occasions. When renting, you also have the option to try on and customize a look for your wedding or prom right from home. Many tux rental companies provide free home try-ons or send you sample swatches that match your dress to help ensure your look is perfect.


Many rental companies offer complete accessories to complement your tuxedo, including shoes, ties, cummerbunds, and cufflinks. This way, you can get a whole look without purchasing each piece individually.

Most online rentals also have an interactive tool that allows you to mix and match different colors and styles of tuxedos and suits before ordering. This makes the process of choosing a tuxedo much easier and less time-consuming.

The good news is that most online tuxedo rentals also include free shipping and returns. This means you can try on your tuxedo at home and return it if you're unhappy or change your mind.

It's essential to keep in mind that tuxedo and suit styles have changed over the years. Buying might be your best option if you plan on wearing a specific style for several events. However, renting may be more convenient if you wear a tuxedo only once or twice in your lifetime.
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