Ocean Club St Barths’ Signature “Tree of Life” is Delicious Art

Regarding Caribbean food destinations, Ocean Club St Barths remains one of the most talked about standouts. A destination restaurant frequented by celebrities and once seen on the Real Housewives of New York, Ocean Club St Barths is a TV-worthy restaurant experience. The prestigious dining experience at Ocean Club’s dining room overlooks the sea, and guests can watch ships sailing through the port of Gustavia against a bright horizon as they enjoy service and food unlike anything else on the island.

The Tree of Life

Ocean Club St Barths prides itself on its unique menu, which features signature dishes made from high-quality local, fresh ingredients and supports Caribbean food producers. Recently voted the “Best New Restaurant in the Caribbean” at the 2023 World Culinary Awards, Ocean Club St. Barths is a Carribean treasure and serves a menu of masterpiece dishes by founding Chef Jarad McCarroll. Among them is the very special Tree of Life.

“Many years ago, when I was working at the Hotel Le Toiny,” says Chef Jarad, “I used to have the morning shift with my daughter and was up around or just after sunset. In the house we lived in, you had to cross the living room to get to her bedroom. There was a beautiful tree outside, and the view of the mountain and the ocean was magnificent. I wanted to create something for her and to remember this moment.”

“And so the Tree of Life began. It was important that this dish had an earthy component. The Tree of Life is broccoli served in various different ways. The stalk of the broccoli is blanched and grilled with herb oil. We use the florets to make the actual leaves, combined with white wine shallots and roasted pumpkin seeds. It has sweet lemon, an artichoke soil, and dehydrated shiitake mushrooms as your birds.”

An Exquisite Experience

Ocean Club St Barths features one of the Caribbean’s most talked-about menus, offering guests memorable dishes they’ll be reminiscing about for years. They also aim to provide the Caribbean’s best service and hospitality, setting the scene for beautiful nights out and standout moments for cultivating incredible relationships and experiences. More than a restaurant, Ocean Club St Barths also includes multiple social spaces served by a magnificent central bar. The space has been designed with a uniquely Caribbean aesthetic to provide a level of comfort that helps you feel the relaxation of home and the excitement of a stylish beach club.

Your Port for Island Adventures

Open to the public and private members, Ocean Club has been hailed as a celebrity favorite for luxury dining. Ocean Club St Barths also offers a luxury membership that includes island-wide concierge services, specialty seating at the restaurant, and partnerships with luxury services that can enable all kinds of exploration, recreation, and relaxation throughout the area.

Offering a host of exclusive services along with the island’s best dining, Ocean Club St Barths aspires every day to earn its accolades anew by providing incredible experiences to the many guests who choose to visit them. In one of the world’s best vacation spots, surrounded by luxury and adventure, Ocean Club St Barths is proud to stand apart with its stellar offerings. Private dining experiences are available for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays

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