Florida's Culinary Scene Flourishes with Exciting New Additions to the 2024 Michelin Guide

Last night, the Michelin Guide for Miami, Orlando, and Tampa unveiled its 2024 edition, which now boasts 26 Michelin-starred restaurants across Florida. The renowned L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Miami continues to lead with two Michelin Stars. This year's update includes nine new entrants, expanding the guide to feature 149 restaurants, which offer an impressive variety of 38 different cuisine types, including fresh contenders in the Japanese, Peruvian, Vietnamese, and Scandinavian culinary fields.

Gwendal Poullennec, the International Director of the Michelin Guides, celebrated the significant evolution of Florida's food scene since the guide's inception in the state in 2022. Poullennec praised the region for its burgeoning status as a premier culinary destination that attracts both domestic and international food lovers. “The inclusion of nine new one-star establishments is a testament to the region’s diverse and expanding culinary landscape,” Poullennec remarked.

This year marks a milestone with the Guide's first-time recognition of Green Star restaurants, honoring establishments that demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to sustainable gastronomy. This new category highlights the Guide's dedication to environmental stewardship alongside culinary excellence. The addition of these new awards and categories further solidifies the Michelin Guide's influential role in fostering and recognizing Florida’s rich culinary diversity and sustainability efforts. Here are the freshest additions to the 2024 Florida Michelin-starred restaurant lineup.

New One-Star Restaurants:

In Tampa, the contemporary restaurant Ebbe by Chef Ebbe Vollmer and the Japanese dining spot Kōsen by Chef Wei Chen have made their debut. Orlando welcomes several new stars, including Chef Tung Phan’s Camille, the intimate Omakase venue Natsu, the Peruvian favorite Papa Llama, and Victoria & Albert’s under the direction of Chef Matthew Sowers. Miami sees the addition of EntreNos by Chefs Evan Burgess and Osmel Gonzalez, Ogawa in Little River by Alvaro Perez and Chef/co-owner Masayuki Komatsu, and Chef Shingo Akikuni’s exclusive 14-seat restaurant, Shingo.

New Green Stars:

This year, the sustainable dining spots Kaya and Los Felix/Krüs Kitchen have also been recognized with Green Stars, a testament to their commitment to sustainability in gastronomy.

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