Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Reunite for Gucci's Valigeria Travel Line Campaign

Gucci has launched its latest advertising campaign for the Valigeria travel line, once again featuring high-profile personalities Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny. This marks their second appearance for the travel collection, building on the momentum of their initial collaboration which debuted in September. The new campaign is set against an airport backdrop, capturing the duo in a series of candid, paparazzi-style photos as they navigate through the terminal, each flaunting pieces from the collection.

Under the creative direction of Sabato de Sarno, the Gucci Savoy collection adds a contemporary twist to the classic travel essentials. This latest installment includes fluorescent accents that set the tone for the vibrant summer travel season. Unlike their first campaign where Jenner and Bad Bunny were featured together, this series presents them separately, each showcasing off-duty looks that highlight the casual yet chic spirit of de Sarno’s recent designs.

The campaign showcases a range of travel must-haves from Gucci, including duffle bags, backpacks, rigid suitcases, and trolleys. These pieces blend Gucci’s iconic, heritage-rich aesthetics with practical, modern functionalities, making them ideal for the discerning traveler.

In addition to Jenner and Bad Bunny, the campaign also features global brand ambassador and actress Ni Ni, as well as actor Chang Chen, who participated in a similar photo series earlier this year. This ensemble of global stars emphasizes the universal appeal and timeless elegance of the Gucci Valigeria line.

As the travel season heats up, Gucci’s latest campaign sets the stage for a stylish journey, ensuring that travelers not only travel comfortably but also with a touch of luxury synonymous with the brand's heritage.

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