Nick Jonas Takes on Dramatic Role in 'The Good Half,' Set for Summer Theatrical Release by Utopia

"The Good Half," a comedic drama featuring Nick Jonas, is set to make its theatrical debut this summer, thanks to a distribution deal with Utopia. The film, directed by Robert Schwartzman—who also co-founded Utopia—will be showcased in preview screenings across North America in partnership with Fathom Events. The special screenings are scheduled for July 23 and July 25 in 900 theaters, featuring a virtual Q&A session with Jonas and Schwartzman, moderated by Kiernan Shipka of "Mad Men" fame.

The film first premiered at the Tribeca Festival last June and has been in search of a distributor until recently. Despite the close ties between Schwartzman and Utopia, the acquisition of "The Good Half" by Schwartzman’s company nearly a year after its premiere was described as an independent decision.

In "The Good Half," Nick Jonas portrays Renn, a writer who returns to his hometown of Cleveland for his mother’s funeral. The film explores Renn's journey as he reconnects with his family and encounters new relationships, including a romantic interest played by Alexandra Shipp. The cast also includes Brittany Snow, Matt Walsh, and David Arquette, enriching the narrative with their dynamic portrayals.

This role marks a significant shift for Jonas, who is best known for his performances in Disney Channel's "Camp Rock" series and his musical career with the Jonas Brothers. "The Good Half" presents him in a more mature light, dealing with complex family dynamics and personal growth.

Robert Schwartzman expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Utopia and Fathom Events, noting the significance of this nationwide release: "It’s a filmmaker’s dream to hit the big screen," he said. "Our partnership with Utopia and Fathom will allow us the chance to show 'The Good Half' nationwide with a very meaningful screen commitment. We’re honored for this opportunity and excited to get our campaign in motion this summer."

Fathom CEO Ray Nutt also highlighted the film's potential impact: "This film will resonate with so many families who have had to deal with the myriad of feelings that come along with the loss of a loved one. We’re happy to bring this first look at this film to theaters nationwide — and especially the conversation with Nick Jonas and Robert Schwartzman."

As "The Good Half" prepares for its summer release, it promises to offer audiences a blend of humor, drama, and heartfelt storytelling, showcasing a different side of Nick Jonas as an actor.

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