How Strempke Manufacturing is Providing Sustainable Growth in the Carolinas

Strempke Manufacturing

Written by: Lenny Moore

The housing market in the Carolinas has undergone notable changes in recent years, influenced by both national trends and unique regional factors. Both North and South Carolina have diverse living environments, from vibrant urban centers to peaceful coastal towns, making them attractive destinations for new residents. However, the rapid population growth has brought both benefits and challenges to the area.

One of the main attractions of the Carolinas is their relatively affordable cost of living compared to other parts of the United States. According to Zillow, the median home value in North Carolina was approximately $287,000 as of 2024, while South Carolina's median home value was around $274,000. These figures are significantly lower than in many other states, which offers more value for homebuyers.

The region also has a pleasant climate consisting of mild winters and warm summers. This is appealing for groups like retirees and families. The Carolinas are home to many natural landscapes, including mountains, beaches, and forests. Additionally, the strong job market, particularly in industries like technology, manufacturing, and finance, attracts young professionals seeking career growth.

Despite these benefits, the housing market in the Carolinas faces several challenges. One of the most pressing issues is the low inventory of available homes. According to the National Association of Realtors, both states have seen a significant decrease in housing supply, which drives up prices and makes it difficult for buyers to find affordable options. This low inventory is partly due to the high demand and the influx of new residents.

Another challenge is the need for sustainable development to keep pace with urban growth. Rapid development has sometimes taken priority over strong infrastructure. This had led to concerns about environmental sustainability and community planning.

With the challenges in the Carolinas, Strempke Manufacturing, led by Jesse Strempke, is helping address the housing market issues and enhancing the appeal of living in the region. The company specializes in manufacturing precast infrastructure products for home builders and construction companies, primarily in the Carolinas, and is expanding its operations into eastern Tennessee.

Strempke Manufacturing is committed to innovative and sustainable practices. The company uses a proprietary concrete mix design that significantly reduces carbon emissions over time, contributing to the region's sustainability efforts. This environmentally friendly approach helps developers meet the rising demand for housing while reducing the environmental impact of rapid urban growth.

In addition, Strempke Manufacturing's use of automated equipment ensures consistent, high-quality production and on-time delivery of products. This reliability is crucial for large developers and home builders undertaking major projects in the region.

Beyond the business operations, Strempke has launched several non-profit initiatives aimed at supporting youth and conservation efforts through The Strempke Foundation. The Forged Fight Club provides underprivileged youth with access to mixed martial arts training, promoting discipline, job readiness, and personal growth.

“For youth in a single-parent household, low-income household, or if they are finding themselves in trouble, we give them access to a gym and coaches that would normally be much more expensive,” explained Strempke. “They can have good influences around them and focus on the discipline and respect required to excel at combat sports.”

Another initiative, Sportsman's Guard, focuses on conservation efforts, including the exploration of artificial reef building to enhance marine biodiversity. “As a free diver, I’ve seen reefs die, and I’ve seen a lot less reef structure,” said Strempke. “But, with the artificial reefs, they grow, and they house fish. They continue to provide a good ecosystem for marine life similar to the way the natural ones do.”

These philanthropic ventures showcase Strempke's commitment to the community. He is helping to strengthen a supportive environment for the region's residents while addressing bigger social and environmental issues.

While the Carolinas attract many new residents with its affordability, climate, and job opportunities, it also faces significant issues related to housing supply and sustainable development. Companies like Strempke Manufacturing are instrumental in addressing these challenges through innovative, sustainable practices and community-focused initiatives.

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