Pharrell Williams Captures Sunlight in a Bottle with Louis Vuitton’s New Fragrance LVERS

Pharrell Williams

How does one put sunlight in a bottle? If anyone knows the answer, it’s Pharrell Williams, who aimed for the sun when creating his first fragrance for Louis Vuitton, LVERS. LVERS was conceived through a creative dialogue between Williams and the Maison’s in-house perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, exploring the scent of sun as a sensation, and finding ways to capture light and radiate warmth.

Fruity and zesty top notes of Bergamot announce the base notes of Galbanum, the mythical resin of the Ferula plant rarely used in modern-day fragrances. This resin is revitalized and refined from its wild, vegetal state, creating sappy and spicy delicate green notes that are at the core of the LVERS bouquet. Accompanied by notes of cedarwood, extracted from second-hand wood from carpentry, the deep woody sensibility establishes the indefinable but recognizable olfactory sensation universally associated with the forests, which grow from sunlight.

Pharrell Williams

Perfectly blended is the creaminess of sandalwood, which sets an earthy tone for the fragrance juxtaposed with the clean crispness of ginger, capturing an illustration of the early rays of sunrise. All details have been carefully thought out with this fragrance — although the bottle shape is fashioned in the cylindrical signature silhouette of Louis Vuitton’s Les Parfums, the LVERS flacon is coated with a prismatic finish that reflects, refracts, and imitates the sunlight, evoking the bright effect of sunlight on the skin.

Williams will also introduce accessories that will accompany the fragrance: a travel case and fragrance trunk crafted in Louis Vuitton’s Damoflage motif, a camouflage-inspired take on the house’s Damier print that Pharrell introduced during his debut collection. The Louis Vuitton LVERS Eau de Parfum will be available June 19th at Louis Vuitton boutiques and on the Louis Vuitton website.
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