Breath of Gold: The Best Trauma-Informed Breathwork Certification

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Breath of Gold™, a renowned breathwork company, is best known for its highly acclaimed Breath of Gold™ Breathwork Certification program. This program is designed to provide the most holistic and trauma-informed breathwork training available in the industry.

Created by Adrienne Rivera, a breathwork expert, along with a team of professionals including a medical doctor, therapist, paramedic, lawyer, neuroscience expert, and more, this comprehensive program teaches all major styles of modern breathwork and ancient pranayama techniques. It offers a curriculum that educates individuals to become certified breathwork facilitators.

Recognizing the need for a safe and supportive environment in breathwork sessions, Adrienne Rivera founded Breath of Gold™ to provide the most comprehensive breathwork certification. Through her personal experience of undergoing multiple breathwork certifications, Rivera realized the importance of preparing facilitators to handle potential challenges that may arise during sessions, ensuring the utmost safety and benefits for each participant.

“It is crucial for breathwork facilitators to guide breathwork classes with safety and integrity," said Adrienne Rivera. "They must understand their responsibility and receive adequate training to navigate and support participants through their breathwork journeys, including the processing of unprocessed emotions."

The Breath of Gold™ Breathwork Certification program stands out as the most comprehensive and holistic training available, addressing both the scientific and spiritual aspects of breathwork. It includes teachings from experts on the neuroscience of breathwork and trauma, enabling facilitators in truly understanding how to support their clients. Moreover, the program empowers breathwork facilitator students to develop intuition and create profound and transformative experiences for their clients.

Adrienne Rivera's expertise and incredibly life-changing breathwork journey’s have earned her recognition in the industry. In May 2023, she delivered a powerful TedX Talk titled "Our Breath: The Key to Innovation" in Bayonne, NJ, captivating the audience with her insights on harnessing the power of breath for creativity and business innovation. Additionally, Adrienne Rivera and Breath of Gold™ were featured in the Reno News and Review in January 2023, highlighting the transformational work that they were providing locally to the community in Reno, Nevada.

The transformative potential of breathwork is exemplified by Adrienne Rivera's personal journey. After struggling with binge eating disorder and seeking external sources of pleasure and fulfillment, she experienced a life-altering breathwork session. Flooded with pleasure and euphoria, Adrienne received a profound message: "Everything you've been looking for has been within you this whole time." This revelation sparked her dedication to sharing the power of breathwork with the world.

Breath of Gold™ has touched the lives of thousands of individuals through breathwork experiences, and The Breath of Gold™ Breathwork Facilitator Program will continue to certify facilitators, expanding the impact even further. The breathwork certification program attracts new applicants daily, contributing to the growing network of certified breathwork facilitators dedicated to supporting others in their transformative breathwork journeys.

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