From Horological Oasis to Parisian Icon: Luxury Second-Hand Mendel Watche’s Boutique Rises as the Finest one in the City of Light

The Must See Place to shop the Perfect Haute Horlogerie Watch in Paris

In the midst of the splendor found on Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré there is a landmark that commemorates an event, in the world of luxurious timepieces. Today we gather together with Mendel Watches, the boutique specialising in luxury watches as they celebrate their anniversary since opening their doors to connoisseurs and enthusiasts of fine timepieces. With three years of service, craftsmanship and timeless elegance this boutique stands as a true testament to the captivating allure of Haute Horlogerie.

A Visionary Destination for Luxury Watches

Three years ago a shared dream among three watch enthusiasts became a reality in the heart of Paris. Since its establishment Mendel Watches has experienced growth due to their professionalism, passion and commitment to building long lasting relationships with an exclusive clientele. Today this boutique proudly stands as the reference point for owned luxury timepieces.

A Haven for Watch Enthusiasts

Mendel Watches is more than a store; it offers an experience for those looking to buy or sell their most treasured timepieces. Located on the prestigious Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré this haven promises a journey that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Situated across from Palais de l’Élysée, this boutique not only provides luxury but also ensures unmatched security, for its esteemed clients.

However there is more to it than the security aspect. It's also about the joy and pride of being in a place with significance which adds an extra layer of depth to the overall experience of Mendel Watches. The boutiques location plays a role, in creating an atmosphere making every visit truly exceptional and unforgettable.

When you step into this enchanting place dedicated to watches you will be transported to a world where timeless traditions smoothly blend with charm. The boutique takes pride in showcasing a collection of exquisite timepieces from renowned watchmakers, across the globe including prestigious brands like Rolex, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. Each watch has been carefully chosen to showcase the craftsmanship of Swiss and French watchmaking traditions.

Located near Paris’ most renowned palaces like Hotel du Crillon, The Bristol, The Ritz Paris and the Westin Palace this boutique offers a shipping service to its esteemed clientele that includes famous names like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

One of the founders shared his vision with our editorial board. He wanted to create an experience, for his customers on fronts. One key aspect is the availability of the team who is always ready to assist their valued customers. During the interview I noticed that one of the owners remained attentive, to his phone ensuring that all his clients received the information they wanted as soon as they requested it.

Since its inception, Mendel Watches has gracefully ascended to the pinnacle of the luxury watch industry in Paris, earning the coveted title of The City's Finest Second-Hand Watch Destination. This horological haven has garnered a reputation for its unparalleled exclusivity, famous clientele, and the extraordinary vision of its owners.

Exclusivity Redefined

The allure of Mendel Watches lies in its unwavering commitment to exclusivity. A carefully chosen collection of second-hand luxury timepieces, meticulously selected for their exceptional quality and historical significance, sets this boutique apart from all others. Each watch that graces its display showcases the craftsmanship and heritage that epitomize the world of haute horlogerie.

A Home to the Famous

As whispers of its exceptional offerings spread, Mendel Watches became the go-to destination for a distinguished clientele. From Hollywood celebrities to renowned artists and prominent figures, the boutique has become a reference for the world's most discerning watch enthusiasts. The trust placed by famous customers, including A-list actors and globally celebrated personalities, underscores the boutique's reputation as a trusted purveyor of horological masterpieces.

Visionary Owners

Behind this flourishing luxury boutique stand the visionary owners, Mendel Watches, whose unwavering passion for horology and dedication to excellence since twenty years have been the driving force behind its meteoric rise. With a combined wealth of horological knowledge and business acumen, the owners have masterfully curated a collection that resonates with their esteemed clientele, establishing Mendel Watches as a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication in Europe and America.

An Unparalleled Experience

Beyond its remarkable collection and celebrity clientele, Mendel Watches has excelled in crafting a truly exclusive experience for its patrons. Every visit to the boutique is a personalized journey, guided by seasoned watch experts who understand the significance of finding the perfect timepiece. Whether clients seek a statement watch for a momentous occasion or an exquisite vintage piece steeped in history, Mendel Watches offers a bespoke service that exceeds expectations.

A Tribute to Perseverance

In just a few years, Mendel Watches has become a beacon of luxury in Paris, solidifying its position as the city's preeminent destination for second-hand luxury watches. The boutique's unwavering commitment to exclusivity, its appeal to esteemed customers, and the visionary guidance of its owners have been instrumental in its remarkable ascent. As Mendel Watches continues to redefine the boundaries of haute horlogerie, the owners can anticipate even more exceptional timepieces and unforgettable experiences in the years to come.


Mendel Watches
84 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris FRANCE

Website : / +33 6 51433858
Instagram: @MendelWatchesWorld
Opening hours :
- Monday to Friday : 10am to 7pm
- Sunday : 11am to 6pmv
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