The New Mark of Glamour at Coachella

Written By Thomas Herd

While Coachella is foremost known for being the world’s largest music festival, in recent years it has also become a prime time stage for the fashion industry, setting the barometer for which lifestyle brands are most in vogue.

Steered over the past years by powerhouse brands such as Revolve and Nastygal, Coachella has developed its own distinct sense of style and aesthetic identity.

However within that sphere, there has been room for disruption with newcomer brands capturing public interest each year and gradually elevating the glamour and sophistication of Coachella fashion.

One such shining example this year was the neophyte fashion label Yoins. Powered by an array of endorsements from Coachella’s leading fashion influencers such as Rose Bertram, Michele Maturo, and Kara Del Toro, Yoins’ trendy looks were ubiquitous across the Coachella grounds and reverberated digitally to millions of onlookers.

Kara Del Toro X Yoins

Galvanized by its success, Yoins is offering Coachella patrons for weekend 2 as well as shoppers worldwide an exclusive Coachella Collection consisting of the most popular outfits from Weekend 1.

Don’t miss out on this occasion to grab the most exquisite festival looks and experience first hand the trend that is sweeping the fashion world.
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