How Royal Yacht Brokers Is Setting The Gold Standard In Health And Safety Protocols

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues effecting every single industry around the world, leading companies and service providers have put some of the most comprehensive safety protocols in place in order to guarantee the safety and peace of mind of the planet´s most discerning customers and their families.

A vivid example of uncompromising health and sanitization program is the one that has been swiftly and painstakingly implemented by Royal Yacht Brokers. For the undisputed leader in ultra premium luxury yacht services, the number one priority has always been the security and enjoyment of their customers. The company´s state of the art disinfection protocol includes the following key aspects:

Full disinfection of the boat before each charter with a specific treatment.
  • Pre-boarding Covid-19 screening for each crew member.
  • Full disinfection of guests’ luggage and shoes at boarding.
  • Hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves available for all guests.
  • Each crew member will wear a mask on board and outside of the boat.
  • All contact surfaces (doorknobs, chairs, stair ramps etc.) will be disinfected frequently.

  • Full disinfection of scuba masks, snorkels, diving fins and other toys after each usage.
  • Full disinfection of tenders after each trip.
  • Crew’s contacts with external persons will be restricted as much as possible.v
  • Delivery will be preferred over in-person grocery shopping.
  • Full disinfection of groceries after their delivery.
  • Night anchor will be possible on boats to limit contact.

Thanks to these comprehensive –industry leading- safety measures, Royal Yacht Brokers guarantees risk-free enjoyment as individuals and families look to once again enjoy their favorite activities.

About Royal Yacht Brokers:

Young entrepreneur with an unfailing flair for the “double B” of beauty and business, Tommaso Chiabra and Manuele Thiella founded RYB to freshen the world of yachting and to bring back a certain allure that seemed lost. The network has spread, many professionals have joined the team and RYB’s name has grown as well-known and respected in the yachting industry. Trust, passion and readiness: these are the values of the Royal Yacht Brokers, ready for you to share and enjoy.

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