How Valyou Became America's new Favorite Furniture Brand

Are you tired of paying exorbitant prices for brand name furniture that is not of the highest quality? Tired of the same Swedish style furniture at IKEA? If so, Valyou Furniture is an absolute must, it has been a booming hit since its inception, and continues to grow in the United States. The founders of Valyou saw a large demand for high quality, cost-effective furniture in the Hawaiian Islands, and they created an online furniture store that is sure to take away a large market share from popular brands like IKEA, among others. Finding a home or office is a big step for anyone, but just as important as the location, is the ambiance and the tone someone can set with the design. Furniture is a cornerstone of creating a pleasant aura for a home or workspace. Style, design, quality and pricing are the main elements that go into making a decision for a consumer when they set out to buy furniture. Big brands are often overpriced, and the delivery time is excessive, as their warehouse is not in the United States. IKEA may be more affordable, but its Swedish style often sees repetition in patterns of style. Valyou Furniture is the new company that is taking the furniture industry to the next level.

Valyou has a plethora of different styles to choose from, whether you want a modern bed frame, a contemporary dinging table, or bohemian style chairs, Valyou has it all. Not only do they have a wide variety of styles to choose from, but the quality and cost of the furniture is also tough to beat. The founders of Valyou are forward-thinkers who stay on top of the evolving trends of furniture, and are sure to have the latest trend in stock. They have their warehouse in the United States, and have a very quick turnaround for shipping, easily beating the competition with delivery the time of a week, as opposed to six to eight weeks, like most big brands.

E-commerce and online shopping has swept the nation in popularity, and although this can make the consumer experience easier, it can still be a mundane and monotonous task. Scrolling through endless inventory can be daunting, but Valyou has simplified this process with their easy to use website, where a consumer can find what they want, and have it shipped directly to them within a week. Valyou Furniture is revolutionizing the industry with its wide variety of styles, affordable pricing, and high quality products. If there is a trendy twist on a certain piece of furniture gaining popularity, Valyou quickly adapts to produce this item, and makes sure it is in stock while trending. With savvy founders Shaul Rappaport and Efi Bisk steering the ship, the Valyou brand is certain to rise to the top of the furniture industry.

To learn more about Valyou Furniture, or to start shopping online, please visit their website –

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