The Veneer Vanguard: Ryan Savage DDS's Signature Approach

Most people do not think of relaxation when they think about going to the dentist. However, Ryan Savage DDS is here to change that. Savage is a veneer specialist based in Orange County, California, whose passion is giving people the smile of their dreams. He prides himself on the friendly and relaxed environment he’s created within his practice, making sure that clients have as high a quality an experience as possible. Savage is the go-to dentist for a smile makeover throughout Los Angeles and Orange County for good reason.

Savage always wanted to be a dentist. He comes from a family of medical professionals and sought to find a field where he could combine his creativity with medicine. Cosmetic dentistry was the perfect fit. Working with veneers allows Savage to create beautiful smiles while dipping into his orthodontic expertise. Savage works with a large roster of high-profile clients—including celebrities—to give them the signature “Savage Smile.” The #savagesmile is used by influencers and celebrities alike to show off Savage’s work.

An appointment at Savage’s practice is not your typical dentist experience. Savage has worked for 15 years to perfect the environment at his office. He cites finding his ideal team as one of his biggest challenges to date. Developing the right balance of friendliness and professionalism is always tricky but is especially important in any doctor’s office. Savage makes sure to prioritize the client experience every day and has succeeded in creating an environment where clients know they are in safe hands and can just sit back and relax while Savage works his magic.

Cosmetic dentistry has many different aspects, and being a veneer specialist is not an easy path. Savage puts 100% into creating beautiful smiles every day. He sees designing veneers as a way to give his clients more confidence. Trying to hide crooked teeth is a sad reality for many people, and Savage gives everyone who comes to him a reason to smile.

Savage’s expertise has led him into discussions to become a partnered dentist and brand ambassador for Colgate. He hopes this is only the beginning of his work with Colgate and other brands that he and his team use at the office. Savage envisions working with brands like Invisalign and Listerine: products he knows he can endorse because he uses them himself. Brand deals are not Savage’s only goal. He hopes to bestow his expertise on mentees and students as well. He says a Savage Institute is not out of the question sometime in the future.

There is a reason Ryan Savage DDS is the premiere veneer specialist in Southern California. If you want to boost your confidence and perfect your smile, all without the stress of going to a regular dentist, there is only one way to go. With a customer experience second-to-none and expert dental work, you will not be disappointed. Savage and his team are experts, and rest assured—they’ll leave you smiling

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