FRED unveils Audacious Blue, the first lab-grown diamond from the Maison

Inspired by a drive to always look to the future and transcend convention, FRED has taken an exciting and bold step with FRED Audacious Blue, a creation whose very name embodies the DNA of the jeweler.

Renowned for its exquisite and elegant creations, the Parisian jeweler has upended industry codes with its first FRED Hero Cut synthetic blue diamonds, dubbed FRED Audacious Blue. The diamonds have also inspired the new Force 10 Duality High Jewelry set, a revolutionary collection that combines synthetic blue diamonds with natural white diamonds. This singular but evident choice echoes the audacity of founder Fred Samuel.

In keeping with its unyielding high standards, FRED has called on leading experts in Europe and the United States to create these exceptional stones. From creation to final polishing, each FRED Audacious Blue diamond has complete traceability. FRED Audacious Blue diamonds are unique at multiple levels, starting with the color. The FRED Audacious Blue is extremely complex to make and perfectly replicate. The fancy vivid hue of the Maison’s unique Riviera blue captures all the intense shades of the sea, its reflections of the sun, the movement of the waves, and its radiant luminosity.

Then, the cut brings unparalleled fire and depth as all the facets of the FRED Hero Cut reveal the diamond’s dazzling brilliance. And lastly, the perfection of each FRED Audacious Blue stone: delivering absolute beauty with each FRED Audacious Blue requires months of work to shape the rough stones.

With FRED Audacious Blue and the Force 10 Duality set, FRED once again transcends the limits of traditional jewelry. The Maison has added a new and audacious innovation to its heritage, boldly elevating the synthetic blue diamond to a sparkling place in its High Jewelry offering.

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