Refining Masculine Elegance in the City of Light: an inside look at BAALDER Paris

Amidst the intricate ballet of Parisian life, where fashion is as much a language as it is an art, emerges BAALDER – a luminous beacon of sartorial sophistication and innate masculine elegance.

At the heart of BAALDER lies Paul Baldassari, whose journey is a poetic fusion of the serene rivieras of the South of France and the pulsating rhythms of Paris. Born under the Mediterranean sun, Paul's earliest memories are bathed in golden light, sketching in his grandmother's seaside atelier, and mastering the noble discipline of show jumping. These intimate moments, imbued with artistry and discipline, were the preludes to a symphony of design that would later define BAALDER.

As he steered into the world of automobiles, a realm of precision and timeless aesthetics, Paul honed a distinct vision: a fusion of his sun-drenched upbringing with the meticulous artistry of fashion. And so, on the sophisticated streets of Paris, BAALDER was born – a maison not just of clothing, but of stories, values, and aspirations.

Artisanship and the Alchemy of Fabric

Every thread in a BAALDER garment whispers tales of distant lands and ancient crafts. Whether it’s the luxurious embrace of Mongolian cashmere, the subtle sophistication of Egyptian cotton, or the warmth of Australian wool, BAALDER's commitment to material is unwavering. But it's in the details – the engraved mother-of-pearl buttons, the supple touch of French leather, the gleam of Italian zippers – where the brand’s true passion is revealed. Paul's personal affair with fabrics isn't just about texture or quality; it’s an emotional journey, an “awakening of the senses”, as he often muses.

The Spring-Summer 2024 collection, showcased in the historic corridors of Pitti Uomo in Florence, is more than just fashion – it’s a narrative. Through reimagined classics and audacious evening wear that draws from the kinetic energy of sports cars, BAALDER's SS24 tells tales of Paul's radiant past, of sunlit horse rides and the sleek allure of automobiles. The collection is a symphony of the brand's core – a dance between sporty verve and an elegance that defies time.

Beyond Attire: The Brotherhood of BAALDER

But to understand BAALDER is to recognize that it’s more than just sartorial excellence; it’s a movement. A call to the modern gentlemen, those who, like Paul, find beauty in discipline, art in effort, and style in authenticity. It's a reimagining of the gentlemen's club, a community bound by shared values and a shared vision of the future.

In a world often swayed by fleeting fashions, BAALDER Paris stands resolute, a testament to timeless elegance and a new, audacious form of masculinity. It’s not just an invitation to dress, but to belong. To be part of a legacy that cherishes the past while striding confidently into the future. In the grand tapestry of Parisian fashion, BAALDER is not just a brand; it’s an epoch. Are you poised to be part of this renaissance? Mr. Paul Baldassari recently granted us an interview, here is what he shared:

How have the contrasting energies of the South of France and Paris shaped your vision and the fundamental philosophies of BAALDER Paris?

I have to say that in both my personal and professional life, I try to strike the right balance between the passionate, innocent and slightly crazy child of the Côte d'Azur and the more thoughtful, aware and rigorous adult of the capital, although I have to admit that the child of the south still plays a much bigger part in my daily life and therefore in my creations.

Can you tell us more about your relationship with the fabrics you choose and how this influences the creation of each piece?

In recent years, most clothing brands, even those that claim to be 'luxury', have neglected the product in favor of investing in design, marketing, entertainment and communication. With Baalder, I want to put the garment back at the center of our concerns. This means sourcing fabrics that, as well as looking good, have a history, a consistency and a special feel that flatters the body as well as the mind.

Can you tell us about the inspirations behind the harmonious blend of classic and bold in the SS24 collection, and how it reflects your personal journey and the evolution of masculine elegance?

"Less is more but less can be boring" I like to create streamlined garments that flatter the male figure, adding sport-inspired twists that make each piece unique and recognisable;I don't try to outrun my creativity. When I have an idea for an 'out of the ordinary' look, I put it down on paper. I make sure that I'll be proud to see the Baalder man wearing it...if I have the slightest doubt, as is often the case, I keep drawing until I get it right. I design clothes to be worn proudly above all else.

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