"New Look" by Dior: Francis Kurkdjian's Ode to Modern Elegance

Dior has recently introduced "New Look", a sophisticated new fragrance expertly crafted by the renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. This latest addition to Dior's fragrance collection is more than just a scent; it's a tribute to the brand's pioneering spirit and its commitment to innovation. "New Look" embodies a timeless charm, blending a fluid yet distinctly structured style, and represents the synthesis of high fashion elegance with the ease of streetwear, showcasing Dior's dynamic and evolving grace.

Since its foray into perfumery back in 1947, Dior has consistently created fragrances that weave a complex story, intertwining fashion and scent. Kurkdjian continues this rich tradition with "New Look", crafting a fragrance that exudes freedom and elegance, echoing the ethos of the Dior house. Kurkdjian articulates his vision for the scent, aiming to encapsulate the modern "New Look" spirit in his creation, combining cutting-edge aesthetics with a sensual allure, and celebrating natural body contours. For him, "New Look" is more than a design; it's a mindset that deeply influenced the creation of this perfume.

The decision to name the perfume "New Look" holds special significance for Kurkdjian, marking his inaugural project with Dior's La Collection Privée. This name signifies a fresh start and a new chapter in his collaboration with Dior. Kurkdjian finds a unique freedom in working with La Collection Privée, differentiating it from his work on established fragrances like J’adore.

The "New Look" fragrance is characterized by a complex blend of scents. It primarily features the vibrant and enigmatic notes of frankincense, coupled with the warmth of amber. Additionally, it includes a surprising twist of aldehydes, adding a unique character to the fragrance. Kurkdjian's deliberate shift from floral notes to more modern elements in La Collection Privée reflects his pursuit of contemporary refinement. He remarks on the packaging's simplicity and minimalistic design, mirroring the meticulousness of couture. The fragrance aims to capture the essence of its name, blending Dior’s fashion ethos of precision with relaxed style, and luxury with comfort, thus achieving a sophisticated yet understated elegance. La Collection Privée Christian Dior New Look is priced at $330 for a 4.25oz bottle and is available for purchase now.

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