Zenith's Timeless Tribute: The Launch of ICONS: PILOT Capsule Collection

Zenith, renowned for its exceptional timepieces, has once again made a mark in the world of vintage watches with the introduction of its first ICONS: PILOT capsule collection. This initiative is part of the Zenith ICONS program, which has been offering a specially curated collection of rare vintage watches for several years. These watches are meticulously sourced, restored, and certified by Zenith's Manufacture, promoting a circular economy and ensuring the preservation of the brand's iconic historical watches for future generations.

The newly unveiled ICONS: PILOT collection consists of three vintage watches that have undergone a thorough restoration and certification process by the Zenith Manufacture Heritage Department. This collection highlights Zenith's remarkable heritage, tracing back the Maison's extraordinary history and craftsmanship.

Prior to this, the majority of Zenith ICONS capsule collections have primarily focused on the original El Primero models, which are instrumental in defining the contemporary Chronomaster range. However, with the launch of the ICONS: PILOT collection, Zenith is now showcasing a different aspect of its legacy – the Pilot collection, one of its earliest and most notable series.

Through this capsule collection, Zenith reaffirms its commitment to blending tradition with innovation, continuing its influential presence in the world of watchmaking. This collection not only celebrates the brand's illustrious past but also its continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation in horology.

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