Asia’s First Social Wellness Club, REKOOP, Opens in Singapore

In the heart of Singapore’s bustling central business district, REKOOP emerges as a sanctuary where tech and wellness converge, offering a social retreat amidst the urban landscape.

More than a mere wellness venue; REKOOP stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of well-being. As Asia’ pioneer in merging the future of wellness with cutting-edge technology, REKOOP magnetizes global travelers and discerning locals alike, setting unprecedented standards in the pursuit of holistic living.

REKOOP's dedication to excellence has reshaped the very essence of longevity, positioning it a coveted sanctuary for globe-trotters seeking an oasis of well-being amidst their journeys, while also extending a warm embrace to local memberships in Singapore.

In an epoch where self-care reigns supreme, REKOOP embodies this ethos, providing a sanctuary where guests can replenish their energy, restore balance, and unlock their full potential. From ancient Eastern philosophies to avant-garde treatments, REKOOP's meticulously curated services cover a spectrum of scientifically-backed treatments.

These include two cedar-wood ice baths that sit side by side, producing their own ice for an extra invigorating experience, as well as a lymphatic lounge featuring full-length FDA-approved lymphatic suits – a first in Singapore. Additionally, guests can choose to head into the cryotherapy club room where temperatures drop to an impressive -113 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for revitalizing the body and mind.

REKOOP also boasts two AirPod Oxygen Chambers, coupled with NuCalm sound therapy treatment – a unique offering Singapore. Furthermore, red light saunas are available, allowing guests to alternate between hot and cold treatments for enhanced rejuvenation and well-being.

Yet, REKOOP's allure transcends its menu of double-stacked treatments; it's an immersive journey meticulously crafted to foster serenity and tranquillity. Every detail, from bespoke lighting to curated therapeutic-grade scents, resonates with the essence of well-being, enveloping guests in an ambiance of profound relaxation and rejuvenation.

Reinforcing its commitment to inclusivity, REKOOP offers personalized experiences tailored to each guest's unique needs and aspirations. Under the guidance of a dedicated concierge through a comprehensive wellness framework, guests embark on a transformative journey towards optimal health and vitality, regardless of background or fitness level.

Championed by Diana Kraemer, Co-founder and Wellness Director, REKOOP's vision is one of inclusivity and empowerment. "REKOOP was conceived as a sanctuary for all seeking to reclaim energy, restore balance, and unlock their full potential," she asserts.

With its thoughtful blend of luxury, technology, and personalized care, REKOOP redefines the paradigm of well-being, offering a haven where the body, mind, and spirit converge in harmony.
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