K-Beauty Empire Kundal Introduces Honey and Macadamia Range at Costco

K-Beauty Empire Kundal

Kundal is thrilled to announce the launch of its signature Honey and Macadamia range at Costco stores across the United States on April 22, 2024. The brand has already captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts worldwide and is now combing its way through the American market, leaving a trail of turned heads and tamed tresses.

"We're thrilled to bring our nature-inspired, perfumer-crafted haircare to Costco and American consumers," says Hannah Kwon, a representative of Kundal. “Our Honey and Macadamia range embodies the essence of K-beauty – innovative formulas, luxurious scents, and a commitment to plant-derived ingredients."

A Scent-sational Journey

Kundal's success story is of innovation and an unwavering dedication to creating products that elevate the everyday haircare routine. Kundal has expanded its portfolio significantly since it was founded in 2016 with a single product, the Protein Treatment.

Kundal’s focus on scent makes it a unique player in the American market. The brand boasts an impressive lineup of 72 signature fragrances, each meticulously crafted by 11 in-house perfumers.

"Scent is a powerful tool for self-expression and mood enhancement," explains Kwon. "We want our customers to have healthy hair but we also want them to enjoy a truly indulgent, sensorial experience every time they use our products."

The Honey and Macadamia range exemplifies this commitment to scent, which features a captivating White Musk fragrance. "It's a beautiful scent that envelops you in a sense of luxury and coziness,” says Kwon. “Kundal is confident that it will resonate strongly with American consumers seeking a touch of indulgence in their daily routines.”

K-Beauty Empire Kundal

Nature Meets Science

That being said, Kundal's products are more than just about scent. The brand is equally committed to harnessing the power of plant-derived ingredients and science to deliver superior haircare results.

For instance, the Honey and Macadamia Shampoo is infused with 44 plant-derived ingredients and maintains an ideal 5.5 pH balance, preventing unwanted breakage and locking in plant-derived oils. This variant is also ideal for dry, sensitive scalps prone to issues. The accompanying hair treatment also features Low Molecular Peptide Protein (LPP) technology for swift absorption and improvement in softness and shininess.

"We believe in the synergy of nature and science," states Kwon. "Our products are rigorously tested and free from harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfates. We want our customers to have peace of mind knowing they're using safe, effective formulas that deliver visible results."

A Global K-Beauty Phenomenon

The brand is already a household name in South Korea, where it ranks as the country’s top perfume shampoo. Kantar World Panel Report 2022 Q2 reported this as well as the astonishing sales of 2.8 units per second during peak times.

This success has been mirrored in Kundal's international expansion, with the brand now available in 61 countries worldwide. "We've seen incredible demand for our products across Asia, Europe, and beyond," reveals Kwon. "Launching at Costco in the United States feels like a natural progression and a significant milestone in our journey."

Kundal remains focused on the brand's core mission: to help people worldwide experience the transformative power of nature-inspired, perfumer-crafted haircare. "We want to make every day a good hair day," she explains. "With our Costco launch, we're one step closer to achieving that goal."

Thanks to its blend of sensational scents, plant-derived ingredients, and scientific expertise, Kundal is set to dominate the American haircare market. With this K-beauty brand, the future of haircare looks decidedly more fragrant and fabulous.
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